Ghost Pictures has been cancelled!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; March 23, 2009)
     Even though there have been a few leaps on Wall Street recently, the economy is still not doing to well, and because of that, the studio needed to get rid of another unnecessary expense. This expense is none other than the project titled Ghost Pictures. "It's a little sad that the film was canceled, but I won't miss it," said director Simon Johnathon. "It's just that this type of film is not profitable anymore," stated Mark Matthew, head of the board of directors.
     The most devastated crew member is Dracula. "It just doesn't feel right," said Dracula. "I felt at home with a thriller like this one, and the fact that it ended really devastates me. Then again, I can't predict what's going to happen on Wall Street tomorrow. I'm just a blood-sucking lawyer." (Note: Mark Matthew would like to point out that, despite Dracula's wording, Ghost Pictures was not a thriller in his opinion. Rather, it was a "wafer-thin excuse for a comedic horror film.")
     However, the studio's script writer has plans for completely revising the script. "I am hoping that I can give the script new life," said Peter Samuel, the script writer. "I do have plans of adding new characters, more scenes, and maybe even an alternate ending. If everything goes according to plan, I'll have the new script ready to go by the end of the year."
     Now to fill in its debut slot, the studio has now decided to release a poll to ask fans which story they like better: Story #1, which is a castle film, or story #2, which is a pirate film.
     Story #1: Based on the 2000 Knight's Kingdom sets, the film will concern King Leo's coronation. To celebrate it, the king plans a carnival in the nearby village. But Cedric the Bull, the evil robber baron, has different plans.
     Story #2: Based on the Pirates series, the film will begin where Captain Redbeard is hiding his treasure on a remote island. 50 years later, his descendant goes looking for the treasure. But the Royal Armada, led by Governor Broadside, is after the treasure too.
     Give your vote in the blue poll box on this page. Entries must be received by April 18th, 2009.


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