A Vampire’s Bad Day

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; August 24, 2008)
     Today may not be a good day for Dracula, the location manager, runner and blood-sucking lawyer for the new Johnny Thunder movie. It appears that the Lego Studios board of directors may terminate his contract.
     “He was sometimes a bad sport on the set,” stated Peter Philips, the film’s producer. “But that was nothing compared to what happened three days ago.”
     Here’s what happened: The Lego Studios board of directors decided that since Dracula played a minor role in the production in the film, and that he killed two people during production, he would not be participating in the premiere’s red carpet event. Once Dracula head this, he got enraged and demanded that he walk down the red carpet. If he didn’t, he was going to suck out the blood of the studio’s treasurer. He was allowed to walk down the red carpet, but there was a chance that his contract would be terminated.
     “It’s not fair,” said Dracula, “it was such a fun experience and I’m just dying to work on the sequel. Even Steven said that I was a joy to work with.”
     There is currently no news on the status of Dracula’s contract, but if anything does happen, we’ll let you know.


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