Uh, oh… We are Having Problems on the Set.

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Yeti Claw Studios, Kathmandu; September 15, 2007)
     The worst of the worst happened today while the cast and crew was shooting the bi-plane fight on a Nepal soundstage. First, the lighting equipment stopped working, then the film’s color contrast refrained any blue screening effects, then the studio called and said that the filming had to be pushed off due to a lawsuit against the studio.
     “It’s just unbelievable,” said Mark Mustache, the film’s clapper loader. “One minute, the filming is smooth sailing, and then the next minute, it’s over. It’s almost surreal.” Dracula related, “Just the shock of it all just ending like that is almost as painful as being impaled by a stake.”
     However, the filming is not over yet. Earl Johnston, head of the studio’s board of directors, said, “Although it may be heart-breaking to the cast and crew, we had to push off the filming for two very good reasons. First, we are dealing with a lawsuit right now that is involving the film’s composer, John Silversmith. Also, the TBC television network is currently shooting an episode for one of their TV shows on the back lot, and it’s taking up all of our time. However, after the new year, filming on Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo will restart, hopefully.”
     Once filming restarts on Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo, it won’t be finished until Spring 2008. Then the film must be edited in time for Summer 2008.


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