Studio Updates: Substantial progress has been made on The Adventures of Legoman, Ghost Pictures, and Johnny Thunder 2

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; February 20, 2009)
     Yesterday, the head of the Lego Studios board of directors, Mark Matthew, announced the progress that has been made on the studio's three current projects: The Adventures of Legoman, Ghost Pictures, and Johnny Thunder 2. "We have certainly been working hard to get these productions out at their scheduled times, and I can certainly say, We will most likely do just that, even though we're currently updating our editing systems."
     Right now, The Adventures of Legoman has finished production. The film is now awaiting the new editing system so post-production can begin. Simon Johnathon stated, "We have high hopes for The Adventures of Legoman, especially after the success of Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo." Editing for The Adventures of Legoman will begin in early March, with expectancies of finishing before spring break. The film will be released April 24th, 2009.
     Also, work on Ghost Pictures is off to a good start. "I love it as much as I love coffee," said the film's runner, location manager, and blood-sucking lawyer, Dracula. "I've read the script myself and I can say that the project has a lot of potential!" Filming for Ghost Pictures will be conducted through April and May, and is expected to be released October 2009.
     Last, but not least, is the long-anticipated Johnny Thunder 2, which has entered the finalization stage of pre-production. "I'm sure fans of the first film will love it," said director Steven Lawrence. "There are a lot of references to the first movie in this sequel, from reprised lines to Patrick's return." The filming for Johnny Thunder 2 is scheduled for Fall 2009, while the film's initial release is scheduled for July 2010.
     Also in the works are a few smaller projects, including Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo Deleted Animation and Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo Production Gallery. Both of these short films will be released late March 2009.


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