Studio Updates: Legoman to begin shooting and Johnny Thunder 2 already in pre-production.

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; December 9, 2008)
     Everywhere, everyone is getting into the holiday spirit and getting a little jolly, especially at Lego Studios, where the board of directors is feeling confident about the success of The Adventures of Legoman, which begins filming this Saturday. “I can’t believe that the film is finally going into production,” said director Simon Jonathon.
     For The Adventures of Legoman, filming will begin on the backlot, where the legocave and segments of the street chase will be shot. After that, the cast and crew will head off to the Legotown Museum to shoot the gold heist. From there, the crew will visit various locations around town to finish shooting. “We expect to have the filming done by the end of the year,” said Captain Max Reikin, Coast Guard team member and the film’s animal trainer.
     Also, word has gotten out that work has begun on the script for the next Johnny Thunder film, scheduled for release in July 2010. “I’m still not giving much out about the film,” said director Steven Lawrence, “Although I should let out that in this next film, you get introduced to Sarah Thunder, the daughter of Johnny and Pippin, with a full explanation as to why she wasn’t in Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo.”
     The Adventures of Legoman will come out April 24th, 2009.


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