'Secret of Marco Polo’ is an International Success!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; November 6, 2008)
     While The Adventures of Legoman is still in production, Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo was officially declared an international success. “We haven’t seen such popularity since the heyday of Dinocop,” said Mark Matthew, head of the studio’s schedule committee. “All I can say is that we sure hope that this popularity continues to grow with the release of The Adventures of Legoman,” said Earl Johnston, head of the board of directors.
     The reports from the international market center said that the film is most popular in the United States. Other countries where the film is seeing success are Ireland, Argentina, Denmark, Australia, and even the Czech Republic. Below is the entire statistics sheet released by the international market center.
(Actual YouTube statistics)
Age ranges for both genders (in order of popularity):
13-17 -- 47%
45-54 -- 21%
55-64 -- 15%
35-44 -- 11%
25-34 -- 4%
18-24 -- 4%
65+ -- 1%

Genders for all age groups:
Male -- 67%
Female --33%

Countries in order of popularity (top 10):
United States
United Kingdom

     From this statistics sheet, the studio has high hopes on the success of The Adventures of Legoman, especially with the teen-age audiences. There are rumors circulating that toys will be given out at the local restaurants to promote The Adventures of Legoman, but there are currently no confirmed reports on this.


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