On Location to China

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Xi’an; February 20, 2008)
     In mid-February, the crew for the latest epic brickfilm, Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo, arrived in China, the last country that needs to be visited for the shooting. Currently, the crew is shooting a major action scene in the streets of Xi‘an.
     Unfortunately, during the last week of February, the press managed to catch up with the crew, causing irritation on the set. “They just wouldn’t leave,” said Steven Lawrence, the film’s director. “We tried everything to get them off the set, and they wouldn’t budge. Even Dracula couldn’t do anything. It wasn’t until we moved to a different set that they left us alone.”
     Also, an earlier scene in the film was not found to be satisfactory. “Steven has been really upset about how the shooting turned out at the military base,” said boom operator Sarah Williamson. “He keeps on telling us how the lighting is constantly changing, how props keep moving around, and how the cinematography needs to be improved in places.” So after shooting is finished in Xi’an, the crew will return to the military base to re-shoot the scenes there.
     However, even with the paparazzi invasion, filming has remained on schedule and on budget. “So far, the shooting has turned out really well, especially what was re-shot in January,” said Sam Reynolds, the crew’s gaffer and key grip. “I can personally say that this film is something I can be proud of,” said animal trainer Seth Corman.
     The shooting is expected to be wrapped up on May 10th. Also, the schedule committee is considering about making August 25th the official release date.


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