Production for Legoman Well Under Way.

By: Andrew Bermudez
(City Street; January 3, 2009)
     Although it was delayed for almost half a month, the filming for The Adventures of Legoman is running smoothly. Today, The cast and crew finished shooting the street pursuit that concludes the film. “It was breathtaking," said Officer Max, who is playing himself for the film. “I had to perform a stunt where I leapt off of one
police car onto another and let me tell you, I can now see why stuntmen are so well-paid.”
     Unlike the filming for Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo, which was frequently running into trouble, the filming for The Adventures of Legoman has been smooth-sailing since it started last Sunday. “So far, it’s been a wonderful experience. Director Simon Jonathon has been really nice to everybody, the presence of Fireman Bill Simon really gives us a sense of security, and Dracula’s not here, so there won’t be any deaths on the set,” stated Clapper Loader Sally Cartwright. Sam Reynolds also added, “Unlike Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo, where we were bound by foreign laws, The Adventures of Legoman is being shot right here, where studio regulations still apply.”
     The film’s trailer will be released mid February, while the film itself will debut April 24th, 2009. Also, Legoman toys will be included in the Café Corner’s Klutz Kids meal, starting March 12th, 2009.


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