Studio Update: Re-Scaling 2020 Content and More Project U News!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; August 20, 2019)
     As we move into the Fall season and towards the Holidays, we would like to share a major news update from the studio. We're scaling back on some things and revising many of our future projects. Here's what going on right now!

Re-Evaluating Project U's Films
     No, we're not going to cancel Project U, but we are revisiting the scripts that we have ready for these films for major revisions! "With the release of films such as Ocean of Fear and The Pen, many of these films for Project U no longer work in the cinematic universe," said director Seth Masterson. "By revising these scripts, we can make their stories work again, but we're also taking a good look at them. By that, I mean that we're drastically revising these films with the primary intention of asking ourselves 'Is this story actually good?' We're really dissecting these films, making sure that everything about these films works for the film specifically." This move has already created one major change, but not for Project U.

"Cancelled Film Revival" Has Been Cancelled!
     After looking over our upcoming promotion Cancelled Film Revival, we decided that these days, our fans only care about watching films, reading the comics, exploring the wiki, and more. The days of engaging fans with contests, polls, and surveys have long passed. This means that, since we want to focus on our films, we are cancelling Cancelled Film Revival. While this does mean that we are no longer letting the fans decide which cancelled film will be revived, this does mean that we can, at least, revive more than one cancelled film, according to our discretion.

Canon Update!
     We've also got some house-cleaning to do in terms of the official canon! Here's what's new.
  • It's been long-delayed, but The Pen is now entering the official cinematic universe. The film takes place on July 12, 2019 and starts in Anchorage, Alaska. The film then jumps to Bluebell National Park (just outside LEGO City), then to a beach in New England, then finally to CIA Headquarters. The post credits scene takes place inside Solarum Industries headquarters. The Mark Walker in this film is, naturally, the same person as Mark Walker from Clone.
  • To clarify about Professor Cooke's backstory as described in the canonized story Johnny Thunder and the King of the Gypsies, from 1977 to 1987, after the death of his wife, Cooke traveled the world, looking for death, when he met who was then Professor Kilroy in Algiers in 1988. Kilroy showed him up in a barroom brawl, then showed him a life in teaching. Cooke went on to Australia to teach geography before moving to LEGO City in 1991, also to teach. The reason that he still refers to Dr. Kilroy as Professor Kilroy is because Cooke never saw Dr. Kilroy again after that time in Algiers, and that was before Dr. Kilroy received his doctorate.
We hope that this manages to patch up some existing holes in the universe that haven't been explained yet.

Lead Out
     While we did have to make these changes to scale back our workload, we aim to do this to make our content the best that we can make it. Stay tuned for more updates!


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