Breaking News! "Art Demonstration Show" Has Been Cancelled!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; February 23, 2018)
     It's no secret that Art Demonstration Show is not popular at all. Because of that, this show has been cancelled. We've also got more news coming up, so read on!

"Art Demonstration Show" Is No More!
     Throughout its run, Art Demonstration Show has only piqued the interest of a handful of fans per episode. We don't have the exact metrics for this disinterest, but we suspect that this show strayed too far away from what people want to see from us. Because of this, there will be no more episodes of Art Demonstration Show released, including the planned how to draw episodes. In the coming weeks, a new channel trailer will be made to replace the existing one. However, the three existing episodes will remain online.

Is "Forest of Fear 2" a Possibility?
     Recently, we got this question from a new fan, who left it in the comments section for our popular film Forest of Fear. We would typically answer it via "Ask Mark Matthew," but we're making a special case here.

LegoManiac101/SansYesBarneyNo vgcp writes: Can you use those 2 lego studios minifigures (the gent and lady) [Mary and Leo] for a Texas Chainsaw Massacre stop motion?

     Typically, we would ignore such requests, since gratuitous violence is something that we've tried to stay away from. On top of that, we try to avoid making outright animated remakes of other films. However, with the popularity of Forest of Fear, it is possible to make a sequel (especially considering the ending) that follows this train of thought, but still does its own thing. Don't consider this an official announcement, but rather a speculation. If we do decide to pursue a possible "Forest of Fear 2," we'll send out an official announcement.

     And that's it for today! Do you want to see "Forest of Fear 2" or perhaps something else? Do you have any suggestions for reaching a wider audience? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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