Delays in January Projects!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; January 7, 2018)
     Unfortunately, we were not able to participate in THAC XV after all this year. This, with other updates to our January and Spring schedule, are covered in today's press release!

No THAC XV Entry
     Unfortunately, due to hectic conditions at the studio, we were not able to participate in this year's THAC contest. There is simply a giant mess at the studio, and almost all work has been halted just to get it cleaned up. In addition, there's still work to be done to get Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra done, as well as When Barrels Fly: Special Edition. This meant that we had no time to participate. To compensate for this loss, we plan on participating in BRAWL 2018 this summer, as well as in THAC XVI in January 2019. It's not all bad news today, however.

Next Backstage Showcase Episode Coming January 13!
     Due to the aforementioned chaos, the next Backstage Showcase episode has been pushed off to this Saturday. To compensate for this mess, the episode will delve into the character of Col. Mustard even more, with more artwork of the new character design, as well as a look at his personality changes for the remake of Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo! The following day, on January 14, a speed paint of a dramatic painting of the character will be released as part of Art Demonstration Show. But these aren't the only release dates we have set now.

Spring Release Dates Finalized!
     While we had release dates set for the upcoming re-releases, we had content that had its dates in flux. However, we now have release dates set for these! Between now and the end of May, here are the release dates for all that we are creating.
  • When Barrels Fly: Special Edition: January 26
  • Dramatic Reading: The Hit Man (2012): January 27
  • Crazy Compendium: The Writings of Andrew Bermudez: February 9
  • Dramatic Reading: Speeder (2013): February 17
  • Dramatic Reading: Cedric's Seige (2009): March 10
  • Dramatic Reading: Our Good Neighbor (2015): April 14
  • The Adventures of Legoman: Special Edition: April 27
  • Interviews with the Actors Episode 01: May 12
  • Dramatic Reading: Kingfisher Rising (2017): May 19
  • Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra: May 25
Episodes of our currently-running shows, as well as summer projects, will have their release dates announced as they approach. However, we have a piece of bad news for those who are interested.

Project U-Build Play Set Adventures Have Been Cancelled!
     Due to an absolute lack of interest from all affiliates (even those involved with their creation), the Project U-Build Play Set Adventures have been cancelled. As nobody has shown any interest in building them or downloading the instructions, we see no point in continuing this series. The existing play sets will remain online until September. However, we are undecided on the fate of the Dino Attack RPG sets and minifigure series. We will inform you when a decision has been reached.

Lead Out
     And that's it for today. Are you sad about the loss of the play sets and our inability to enter THAC XV? Are you interested in any of the videos coming over the Spring? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. That's a shame that your THAC XV entry and Project U-Build have been cancelled. But if you need to focus on finishing current projects (like Pharaoh's Quest) and these just took away too much time, then it's unfortunate but completely understandable.

    At the very least, I really hope you can find some time to finish a few more Dino Attack RPG playsets, especially since you've already gotten started on those. As always, if you need any input or contributions, please feel free to ask. I'd be more than happy to help if I can.


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