Enter the Spooky Forest Next Halloween!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; October 5, 2009)
     Halloween is coming, and it's sure to give some spine-tingling chills! Now to get audiences prepared for this year's fright fest, Lego Studios has decided to give the audience a look into next year's spook-tacular! Titled Forest of Fear, the film will feature a couple stranded out in a dark and spooky forest. There's a werewolf, a vampire, a mad scientist and even an angry mob! Will the couple escape before the spooks get them?
     During the unveiling, an initial piece of concept art was revealed. The art shows the couple surrounded by trees. "I designed the trees to have hand-like branches," said artist and script writer Peter Samuel. "This is meant to symbolize that the forest has the couple prisoner. I feel that this artwork truly gives the movie an identity of its own."
     Currently, the script is in its conceptual phase. The film will be shot during the Summer of 2010. The film will then be released October 2010.


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