Filming for Johnny Thunder 2 Begins!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Legotown High School; August 3, 2009)
     After many months of planning, the filming for Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile has officially started. "We are all very excited about this. We had so much fun making the first film, and we're now filming the sequel! I have high expectations for the film," said Steven Lawrence, the film's director.
     For the first day, the crew filmed a short school scene at Legotown High. "The clip is basically Dr. Kilroy walking up to a blackboard, where he delivers a few lines before the clip fades to the next scene," stated gaffer Sam Reynolds. "It wasn't much, but it will serve as a vital link to the rest in the film," said production assistant Theodore Johnson.
     Tomorrow's filming will be done in the back room of the Legotown Museum, where Johnny is given a letter that begins his adventure. The rest of the filming will be completed, at the latest, mid-to-late Spring 2010. The film will then be released that Summer.


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