Studio Updates: Bad Economy Forces more Cutbacks.

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; April 30, 2009)
     Despite the recent success of The Adventures of Legoman, the economy is still hitting hard at the studio's finances, forcing them to shelf Captain Redbeard's Lost Gold and to entirely cancel the re-writing of Ghost Pictures. Even worse, there's a 'swine flu' going around that may strike any of the studio employees. Many of them have refused to go to work, in fear that they may get it. "With these conditions, we have to be on our guard," said Mark Matthew, head of the board of directors. "We can't spend too much money making a film that may not profit and get half of our employees sick in the process. What really matters now is Johnny Thunder 2."
     Instead, the studio has planned to make several short films to work with new special effects and animations. Then, these films will be released to the public this fall so they can give their opinions. "Each of these films will push a different boundary for us," said Steven Lawrence, famed director of the first Johnny Thunder film. "With these films, we hope we can develop the skills needed to make Johnny Thunder 2 great."
     There are plans to make several short films for release this fall and winter. The most profound of these films is a short film called Black Friday. Scheduled to be released on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving Day), the film will follow a family at the store on that fateful day. "I want the film to show people's obsession with getting a good deal, even if it's for something that they don't want," said proposed director Simon Johnathon. "A lot of people these days have become too materialistic and look at Thanksgiving Day as, 'the day before all of those good deals at Wal-Mart,' and not as a day to bring the family together. I've seen people on Thanksgiving Day sitting outside the local store, sleeping in tents and eating Easy Mac for Thanksgiving dinner. I am hoping that this short film will show people how much the meaning of Thanksgiving has changed."
     After Simon Johnathon stepped off his soapbox, gaffer Sam Reynolds mentioned a few of the other short films to be made. "The Johnny Thunder 2 teaser will be one of the films," said Sam. "We also have plans for the others, including a horror short for Halloween, a Lego City short comedy and a heart-warming Christmas film."
     The films will be released at various intervals from now until the end of the year.


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