Filming for ‘Marco Polo’ will begin!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; July 28, 2007)
     After two years of writing and revising the script, Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo will finally begin shooting two days from now, on the 30th. “It’s hard to believe that the film is finally getting off the ground,” said gaffer Sam Reynolds.
     On July 30th, the crew will begin shooting the film at the Legotown Museum. From there, the crew will head to Venice to continue shooting. After that, the crew will also film in India, Nepal, and China. “It’s such an honor to work on this film,” stated boom operator Sarah Williamson. “It’ll surly be one of next year’s big blockbusters and I get to visit all of these cool sites.” Director Steven Lawrence related, “I’m sure that this film will be the best that it can possibly be.”
     However, the shooting for the film will take a long time, since it is not expected to be finished until December 2007. Also, the film is expected to be released around Spring Break 2008.


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