The Classic Masked Crime Fighter comes to Town

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Lego Studios; October 23, 2008)
     The studio has nourished great success with the Fall’s box office smash, Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo. “It’s almost a miracle,” said Earl Johnston, head of the studio’s board of directors. “In just two months, we made double the revenue we made back in 2007.”
     Now, the studio has plans of reviving the crime fighter, Legoman, for the big screen in the studio’s next project, The Adventures of Legoman. Based on a series of stories that were released six years ago, the film will follow Legoman as he pursues one of his most notorious enemies, Brickzo the Clown, who has stolen the ancient gold of the African tribal king, Wu-Wa-Pu. Some of the scenes will include a museum robbery, the villains at their hideout, and even a final confrontation between Legoman and Brickzo the Clown on the streets of Legotown.
     Unlike Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo, which was meant for older audiences, The Adventures of Legoman will be designed as a family film. “There will be no bloody deaths in the film,” stated Simon Jonathan, the director slated to direct the film. “There won’t even be any neo-noir type scenes. The style of the film will be derived from the 1960’s Batman. We even have the villain Brickzo the Clown tie up a museum guard with silly string!”
     The writing for the film’s script will begin this Saturday, with shooting to be done during Christmas vacation. The trailer will come out in March, while the film itself will be released May 2009.


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