Two New Canon Changes!

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co; July 7, 2017)
     Now that Clone has been released publicly for your enjoyment, we are now introducing two new canon changes that bring this film into the cinematic universe! Here is what has changed.
  • Clone is now officially canon in the official cinematic universe. It takes place in Billings, Montana at the time that the film was released (today).
  • The Solarum Ray Guns featured in the film are inter-dimensional Maelstrom-powered rays that simultaneously turns its target into a stromling and teleports it to Dimension 525. In that dimension, the new stromling then spawns in an area of heavy Maelstrom concentration and immediately begins to attack any Nexus Force soldiers. The device in the truck is a self-powering generator. The materials inside are highly unstable and the beam that it shoots causes Mark's cloning, even though the device is not meant to do that.
For the time being, these are the most significant connections to the rest of the cinematic universe that Clone has, but as future films are released, including B.I.O. Corps, the ties will become even stronger. Until then, check back the rest of this week for even more double fun!


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