Archive Collections: The Most Memorable Deleted Scenes

By: Andrew Bermudez
(Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Headquarters; February 25, 2014)
     While we wrap up work on our latest projects, such as Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients, we have just found time to start this new series celebrating the past, so please welcome Archive Collections! This new series, run here on our press room, will look back at our first ten years through props, costumes, concept art, and other memorabilia that we have archived. With that said, let's start our first installment.
     It is inevitable that any production that is seen through goes through at least one significant change during its development. As a result of this, scenes tend to get cut out of these films. Our films are no exception, some of which have gone under several revisions. Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients is a prime example, which went under the knife several times before filming even began in Fall 2011. Even filming didn't stop that film from being revised again in early 2013. However, since that film is still under wraps, we will now shift our focus to previous films. Here, in chronological order, are some of our most memorable deleted scenes.

1. It's Just a Rock
Year: 2004
Film: Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Leopard's Treasure
What Happens: After Indy gives the treasure to Marcus Brody and walks away, Marcus exclaims that the treasure is just a rock, but decides that it must have significant meaning, even if it isn't made of precious metals. He walks away to catalog the artifact and the film ends.
Why it Was Cut: At the time, it was thought that, by having this scene in the film, Indy was ultimately being played for the fool. It was also felt that Indy walking away was a better ending, anyway.

2. Breakfast Ambush
Year: 2005
Film: Com 50 and 007
What Happens: As Com 50 is eating a doughnut from the Newland Hotel's continental breakfast, the hotel clerk from the day before sneaks up from behind and gets ready to fire his rifle. Com 50 sarcastically drops his magazine and dodges the gunfire, revealing the clerk's position. They engage in a fist fight, with the hotel clerk being knocked unconscious.
Why it Was Cut: It was felt that this was an unneeded extension of the hotel fight, since the final confrontation was going to be included anyway. It also messed with the scene's continuity and made Com 50 seem gullible.

3. Statue Ambush
Year: 2005
Film: Indiana Jones and the Heart of the Dragon
What Happens: As Indy and his father explore the temple, they come across a bevy of statues, including one of a man, which is holding its sword over a victim. As Indy approaches the statue, it begins to move and battles Indy. Soon, the statue is disarmed and destroyed.
Why it Was Cut: Again, it was an unnecessary extension to a scene that had enough adversaries in it as it was. Having the "statue" wear a pirate mask didn't help, either.

4. Never Gonna Give Up
Year: 2005
Film: Kilroy Was Here!
What Happens: After the soldier boys at the U.S.O. Club ridicule the servicewomen Marion and Rita, they respond they can fight just as well as any guy. They, along with the other women on-stage, then sing the song Never Gonna Give Up, a song that celebrates their fighting spirit.
Why it Was Cut: For a musical, Kilroy Was Here! was rife with songs...maybe too many songs. So, when director Judy Barringer looked for ways to shorten the running time, this song that didn't move the story in any way was the first to go. In the final production, Marion orders around the guys.

5. Parachuting
Year: 2007
Film: Com 50-3: Raid on Central Island
What Happens: After Com 50 ejects from his fighter jet, he radios back to headquarters in order to receive 007's location on the island.
Why it Was Cut:  The acting was dry, the green screen was wrinkled, and the effect was less than convincing. In comparison to the rest of the film, it was just a poorly-done scene.

6. English Tea Garden Tour
Year: 2007
Film: Mystery at Shady Acres
What Happens: Throughout the play, a group of six that are participating in the hotel's English Tea Garden Tour pop up from time to time to cause confusion and mischief. During the robbery, their bus breaks down, causing even more problems for the ongoing investigation.
Why it Was Cut: The characters were VERY superfluous, as they were not even suspects in the crime. The parts were essentially filler parts that were unfairly small in an otherwise relatively balanced production.

7. Adventure in Benin
Year: 2008
Film: Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo
What Happens: The film starts in Africa, where Johnny, Pippin, Dr. Kilroy, Harry, and Robert Teabing are looking for the idol of the Wututu Bird. They come to a temple, only to find the entrance hidden. After uncovering a hidden door, they navigate the underground catacombs, only to find a rigged floor. When Johnny grabs the idol, the rigged floor collapses, but Johnny manages to get back with his whip. As they leave the temple, Robert betrays them right there and gives the idol to Lord Sinister, who is waiting outside. The villains get away, but Johnny is not disheartened.
Why it Was Cut: Essentially, the film's dramatic plot twist, Robert's betrayal, came right at the beginning, killing the suspense right at the start. Combined with the fact that the idea for a murder mystery was conceived early on doomed this opening scene.

8. Cable Car Battle
Year: 2008
Film: Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo
What Happens: In order to reach the Dragon Fortress, the adventurers must ride a cable car up through the mountains of Datong. However, Chang Wu's planes attack the cable car, which Johnny fends off. They reach the fortress safely.
Why it Was Cut: Following up action with even more action isn't always the best idea, especially after the Battle of Xi'an sequence. It was adjusted so that they take a rowboat instead.

9. Cadaver Cattle Caper
Year: 2009
Film: The Adventures of Legoman
What Happens: The film begins on a train, where passengers are relaxing. Suddenly, the train is stopped by the ghosts of dead cows, who claim to be getting their revenge for being hit by trains. They rob the passengers of their valuables and escape the train. However, one of the passengers discovers that they are actually Brickzo the Clown and his henchmen in disguise.
Why it Was Cut: Dead cows steal valuables. Need I say any more? Besides, focus in the early stages of writing were shifting more towards the museum robbery as the highlight of the film.

10. Boxer Brawl
Year: 2010
Film: Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile
What Happens: After the bus chase ends, Johnny is ambushed by a boxer, whom Johnny chases up Cairo Tower. They fight, with Johnny learning that the villains know about the treasure. After subduing the boxer, Johnny and his friends get on another bus.
Why it Was Cut: Again, following up action with more action leaves no breathing room. The boxer was ultimately replaced by a henchman who falls out of a tree, serving the same purpose.

11. Prehistoric Squidward
Year: 2010
Film: When Barrels Fly
What Happens: After Ulysses meets Amelia, Squidward falls through the time portal, running from the T-Rex and yelling about Spongebob.
Why it Was Cut: Even in a film about time travel and the wild west, including Squidward in a final gag was deemed too ridiculous. The living room scene replaced it in the final film.

12. Frank the Fox
Year: 2011
Film: Farmer John Hard at Work
What Happens: As Farmer John is working, he sees Frank the Fox walk by with one of his chickens hang out of his mouth. Infuriated, Farmer John pursues the fox, but loses track of it, eventually slamming into a tree.
Why it Was Cut: Time constraints were tight for this project, so there was only time to animate Farmer John pitching hay.

13. Billy's Revenge
Year: 2011
Film: Forest of Fear
What Happens: After his creation is destroyed, Billy Lugosi goes mad and turns himself into a monster at his lab. He kills Igor and chases away Mary and Leo, who run through the forest. Eventually, they end up at a marsh inhabited by a giant octopus, where they lure Billy into the water. This attracts the octopus, which eats Billy, concluding the film.
Why it Was Cut: For a simple horror-comedy, this ending made the film too convoluted and overdrawn.

14. Death by Felled Tree
Year: 2013
Film: New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable
What Happens: As Old Salt chops down trees in the grove, one of these trees falls and crushes one of the passing dodos.
Why it Was Cut: As several shots were already planned of cutting down trees and of dodos dying, this scene just seemed to reiterate what the audience already knows.

15. Go Home Abraham, You're Drunk
Year: 2014
Film: The Second Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fan Choice Awards
What Happens: As Wendy Simmons is talking to some of the celebrities in the lobby of the Palace Cinema, the usher gets upset because Abraham has found the minibar and subsequently got drunk. He passes out and is carried away by two PA's to the rehab clinic.
Why it Was Cut: It was a funny scene, but it took away from the actual awards ceremony, which was intended as the main focus.

     There were many more deleted scenes, but we couldn't fit them all in here! We hope you enjoyed this edition of Archive Collections, and we hope you'll join us next time.


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